In 1993, my parents fled their homeland, Vietnam, after the communist government had taken over. Poverty struck, and hungry, all of their relatives in Vietnam put their money together in hopes of making it to a free land. They were boat people. They struggled their way through refugee camp in both Hong Kong and Philippines for 3 years and didn’t know anyone or had any family around. My mom was pregnant with my older brother at the time so they did what they could to make a few dollars for extra food, they really hustled and came up with the most creative methods of reselling merchandise. If you ask me, they were the real life versions of Bonnie and Clyde. All they wanted was a better future and education for their kids. My parents never had the privilege of finishing higher education, or even high school. They were forced to work on the farm at the age of 10 to help provide for the family. On their journey through refugee camp and multiple interviews, they finally got accepted into their now, home of 23 years, Canada. Arriving in the midst of a Canadian winter, (never experiencing snow before), with a young family, they worked odd jobs day and night, and grew to love our home and native land.


A few years after my parents arrived in Canada, they had a lovely little girl (me, obviously.) Born and raised in the mean-ish streets of Ottawa, I’ve grown to adore this town. I like to call it “small town hospitality in a big city.” It’s true! Not a small enough town that you know everyone, but not a big city where you get lost. Since I was old enough, I explored the city like no other child. I’m a die-hard Ottawan, I know Ottawa like the back of my hand. Ottawa is growing so quickly, we have amazing talent, businesses, views and entrepreneurs in our backyard. I’m excited for the future of Ottawa and what I can do to help our sweet city grow.



No, this isn’t real estate site. I didn’t want this to be a cold corporate feeling sales-site. I want this to be the site you go to because you’re interested in what’s going on around town. I want this to be a simple site that showcases real content, by a real person. Not just another automated sales update. If you’ve been subscribed to my newsletter for the past two years, then you’ll know that I pride myself on being real, authentic and giving you valuable content. I’m not hating on outsourcing content creators at all, I just want you to know that the content you receive, is actually from me. I want you to visit often, ask many questions, and enjoy my content. Because a home is more than just four walls with a view.

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