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DIY Simple & Chic Home Mason Jar Herb Garden

Spice up your living space with this home DIY

Simple & Chic Indoor Herb Garden

A  simple and fun DIY herb garden to add to your home. The perfect way to have a “garden” without the stress and hassle! This is especially great for people who live in apartments or as a gift, just add a ribbon!

  • Mason jar(s), quart size is preferable
  • Organic potting soil. This is designed to lock-in moisture without being water logged. Soil that is peat-free is preferable.
  • Drain rock, stones. pebbles or glass beads.
  • Perlite – Perlite is a soil  you can find at your local hardware store. It’s good for wicking water. This is what will make this a modified hydroponic system.
  • Seeds or seedlings. You can start with a few and move on from there.
  • Activated charcoal – This is optional – Charcoal helps reduce growth of mold, bacteria and fungi by absorbing moisture. This happens because lack of drainage.


Let’s get started:

1.       Take your jars and place an inch layer of stones. The stones act as an interface between the perlite and soil layers. You should see the water line at this layer when watering, you stop when it’s at the very top of the stone layer.

2.     Add approximately 1/2 inch to an inch layer of perlite soil on top of the drain stone.

3.       You can now add a thin layer of charcoal, if you wish.

4. For seedlings: add additional potting soil halfway then add your seedlings and fill around it. Gently press the soil.

5. For seeds: add soil until it’s near the top of the jar. Add a few seeds (3-4) in the center of the jar. You should plant each seed 1/2 inch distance from each other without piling them up. Once you’ve planted your seeds, cover it with  1/8 to 1/4 inch of soil depending on the packet. Gently water until it’s lightly damp. Once the plant starts to grow, trim around it.

6. Now you wait for it to grow! There you have it! You’ll want to leave your little plans in front of sunny windows and lightly water them if 1- the soil is dry or 2- the drain stones are dry.

Happy planting!