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Increase Your Home Curb Appeal For Less Than $100

Increase Your Home Curb Appeal For Less Than $100

Small budget yet big taste? I can relate. There are dozens of small improvements you can do to make your home look more polished without breaking the bank. Even if you’re not an expert, these tips are so easy that anyone can do them! Not only will having attractive curb-appeal make your home easier to sell, but it’ll be a home you’re proud to live in. Make curb appeal great again.

1) Pull Out The Paint Brush

Revive your home with some fresh colour. That goes for the front door, deck, porch, shutters, trim, wood framing around the garage, and anywhere that needs a new coat.

You wouldn’t believe what an effect this has at a low cost. For any exposed wood, it’s recommended to keep the paint fresh to reduce the chances of rot.

2) All About Lighting

Replace or repair that old front door lighting and completely revamp the look of your home with new exterior light fixtures.

Take into consideration the look and feel of your home. Is it modern or rustic? That can help you decide which fixtures to pick. Costs can be as low as $20 a fixture.

3) Green Thumb

Add some life and colour to your home by adding flowers and greenery! Whether it be shrubs, flower boxes, plants, or arrangements, this is a simple and effective way to add more curb appeal.

You can build or buy flower boxes to install below windows, on railings or to your front porch. Get creative!