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Top 5 Best Spots to Nap Around Ottawa This Summer

My past times include taking naps, doing yoga and eating tacos. What can I say? I live my best life. With that being said, I find myself caught in traffic more often than not going to and from different meetings and I absolutely CANNOT stand traffic so I do the best I can to avoid it by being active, and of course taking naps. Napping is one of life’s simple and free pleasures that solves all of your problems. Having a bad day? Take a nap. In an argument? Take a nap. Nothing to do? Take a nap? Tired? Take a nap.

Since I don’t have a travel size bed, I’ve found the best spots in the city to take a snooze.

DISCLAIMER: I can literally fall asleep anywhere and everywhere so these spots might or might not work for you. The last time I visited the homeland (Vietnam), which took 3 flights and two days, I napped the entire time.  No amount of napping can cover up the fact that I’ve been tired since 2013.

Moving on

Anna’s Top 5:

1) Close to Water

They say being near bodies of water reduces stress and anxiety levels and I completely agree! So why not nap near them? We’re so fortunate in Ottawa to have so many different flowing streams of water. My favourite spot next to spend time in is Dow’s Lake. It’s the perfect place to go for a walk, take a bike ride, read a book and take a nap. During traffic, I always park my car down there, grab a kombucha in Little Italy, and take a nap next to the tulips and canal. So zen, so peaceful.

Tip: keep a picnic blanket handy in your car to carry around so you can snooze on. Mine is red if you’re wondering.

2) City Landmarks

What’s better than napping in front of Parliament Hill? I mean, unless if there’s a protest that day. But besides that, the grass is always green (thanks to our tax dollars), and you have the big clock as your wake up alarm. Plus there’s always security on Parliament so you won’t need to worry about getting mugged while you sleep.

3) Beaches

So many beaches in Ottawa to choose from. Grab your swim gear and get your tan on at Mooney’s Bay while you nap. You can have a picnic beforehand and you can even go for a beach run after. Or a long romantic walk on the beach, like in the movies, The Notebook to be exact.

4) Museums

Ottawa has AMAZING museums. My favourite museum is the National Art Gallery (the one with the massive spider in front). This museum happens to be very central and right by Ottawa’s classic Major Hill’s Park. Tire yourself out by browsing the best art in the city then take a nap in Major’s Hill Park. Tavern on the Hill is also in between which makes for a great post-nap snack spot.

5) In the Water

What’s summer without taking advantage of some water activities? One of my favourite activities is paddle boarding. It’s $16 for the first hour to rent a paddle board a Dow’s Lake. I like paddle boarding to the middle of the lake and taking a nap there. As strange as it sounds, you have no one to disturb you, fresh air, no city sounds, and the peaceful rock of the water. Keeping your life jacket on is probably a good idea if you’re going to try this.

Happy snoozing from one happy napper to the other,