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Hot Weather, Hotter Real Estate Market – August Update

Hot Weather, Hotter Real Estate Market

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I might even apply for a job.” Neighbours welcoming the new kids on the block. Welcome to Ottawa, Amazon.
July Rewind: A little late to the chase but I hope everyone enjoyed their Canada Day! July was a great month for me full of water spots, BBQ’s, sangria, and weather that’s slightly hotter than the sun. I hope you also enjoyed your July. August is by far my favourite month of the year and I’m excited to finish off the last few months of 2018 with a bang. Thank you to my wonderful clients and friends for trusting me with your business and referrals this year!
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What a time to be alive. With LRT well on its way, Amazon making moves around town, and Taggart eyeing new commercial developments in Southwest Ottawa, we’re finally seeing growth in our city. We’re not the only ones with eyes on Ottawa though.

Come again? The speculation of foreign Buyers increasingly entering the Ottawa real estate market has many Ottawaian’s on edge. Especially with the low inventory, high demand, and multiple offers. That’s why it’s important to have a creative-minded Realtor working on your side to get your home from For Sale to SOLD or help you win that bidding war.

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You’ve been warned. The 2019 Ontario Rent Increase Guidelines are out and this year it’s a 1.8% increase. With rental unit vacancies under 1.1% all over Ottawa, now’s the time to pick up some hot rental properties. Even builders such as Minto and Campanale Homes are putting up new rental apartment buildings rather than selling units. Looking to invest into real estate this fall? I might know someone who can help (me).

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Shot down. Ottawa was just unseated as a top city to live in in Canada as per Moneysense magazine. Oakville took over at the top spot.

Maybe next time, Ottawa.