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Hot Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Hot Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

This summer has been bringing on the heat! Not that I’m complaining since all we got last summer was a ton of rain. Stay cool and fresh this summer with some of my favourite tips.

1) Pop-out the Popsicles

Ice cream is great and all, but what’s more refreshing than a fruit popsicle?

They’re SO easy to make. Pour your favourite juices into the mould, pop them into the freezer and VOILA!

Click Here for 33 Popsicle Recipes to keep you cool this summer (most of them are boozy).

2) Spritz and Spritzers

This is by far my favourite way to cool down. Try making or buying a face spritzer. It’ll help you cool off and refresh. Some have essential oils, vitamin C, or energizing properties.

Second, are the spritzers. Most common in Europe, a wine spritzer is a refreshing way to enjoy a summer bevy. Cheers!

3) Take some Dry Measures

Give your clothing a break and show them some love! Try to hang-dry your clothing when possible this summer.

This will help reduce your energy consumption and utility bills.

Thank you, Mother Nature.