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Why You Should Get A Home In Centretown Ottawa

The lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of

Centretown Ottawa is known for its bustling lifestyle, delightful local shops and restaurants and eclectic city vibe. In a small area, Centretown has some of the best features of a neighbourhood in Ottawa. With all its advantages, there is no doubt as to why you should get a home in Centertown, Ottawa. Keep reading to see why Centretown Ottawa may be the perfect place for you to live. And get a sneak peek of some of my favourite spots in the area at the end of the post!

Live Sustainably

If you’ve ever driven through Centertown, you probably know how much of a pain it can be to get anywhere. With so many one-way and one-lane streets, getting places can seem to take forever. Consequently, getting a home in Centretown Ottawa may look like a disadvantage, but it can also be a huge advantage. 

The greatest benefit of living in Centretown, Ottawa, means that everything you need is within walking and cycling distance. You can take a short walk or bike to the major streets such as Bank Street and Elgin Street, or enjoy the Canal at your access. Even major attractions like Lansdowne park and the museum of Nature are steps away! So ditch the car, save the environment, and enjoy the pedestrian or cycling lifestyle. And don’t worry, if you need a car, there are car rental services nearby! 

Join A Diverse Neighbourhood

From students to couples and families, living in Centretown, Ottawa allows you to live in an area with a diverse mix of people. As a meeting hub for Ottawa residents, you will encounter people from around the world, from all walks of life. Join the cultural mix by tasting foods from around the world, experiencing new activities, and so much more!

Take Advantage of Condo Amenities

I get it; life can be hectic. If you’re a busy bee with no time to shovel a driveway in the winter or mow the lawn in the summer, a turn-key condo may be just right for you. A condo with amenities might include underground parking to keep your car protected during the long Ottawa winters. Your condo may also include a gym, pool, patio, meeting rooms and concierge service, keeping everything you need under one roof.

Live in a Modern Victorian Home

If the condo life is not for you, then a modern Victorian home may be the perfect fit. As you walk through Centretown Ottawa, you’ll notice an array of Victorian houses built in the ’20s. Even though they were built many years ago, most of them are entirely renovated on the inside. A victorian home will be the perfect place to raise your family and give you the space to host evening dinners and weekend parties. 

Visit Local Shops and Restaurants 

There is no shortage of specialty shops, restaurants and bars around Centretown. Whatever you are in the mood for, Centretown is bound to have it. If you’re someone who prefers to shop locally rather than at big box stores and worldwide chains, then Centretown will be your new favourite place to shop. There are local stores for all types of products and services that you may need. 

But don’t worry, there’s also major supermarkets and grocery stores nearby, so you don’t need to go far to get everything you want and need. And the Rideau Centre isn’t a far walk away if you need extra retail therapy. 

Enjoy Year-Round Entertainment 

Summers in Centretown, Ottawa are bright and lively with live music, street festivals, running races, kayaking and walks along with the canal and farmers markets at Lansdowne Park. On the other hand, skating on the Canal, attending concerts, visiting museum exhibits, and trying out the new bars and restaurants during Ottawa winters can be as fun as summertime. There are so many activities in the area that can be done during any weather, making Centretown well equipped to keep you entertained throughout all of our Canadian seasons. 

Live in a Growing Area

Getting a home in Centretown, Ottawa, is a sound investment as the region continues to grow so your investment will never lose value. If I were to give you my 10-year prediction of the area, I would say that it will continue to grow. Looking at how things are going at the moment, I believe that Centretwon will densify in the next ten years. More houses will be torn down to accommodate new developments. This means there will be more construction in the area. So be braced for the development of Centretown Ottawa!

Anna’s Centretown Fave’s

There are so many amazing places to shop, eat, exercise and visit around Centretown, Ottawa.

As promised, here are some of my fave spots. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Coffee at Arlington Five – Located at 5 Arlington Avenue, Ottawa.

Brunch at Jax  – Located at 479 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa.

Bao at Gongfu – Located at 365 Bank Street, Ottawa.

Lunch at Sansotei – Located at 153 Bank Street, Ottawa.

Dinner at Fairouz – Located at 343 Somerset Street West, Ottawa.

Dinner at North and Navy – Located at 226 Nepean Street, Ottawa.

Drinks at Flora – Located at 37 Flora Street, Ottawa.

Ice Cream at Moo Shu – Located at 477 Bank Street, Ottawa

Flowers at Bloomfields – Located at 783 Bank Street, Ottawa.

Healthy Groceries at Herb and Spice – Located at 375 Bank Street, Ottawa

I hope this blog post has helped you decide whether Centretown is the right place for you to live. With the ability to live sustainably, in a diverse location, to take advantage of condo amenities, or live in a victorian home, there are so many local places to visit for entertainment while living in a growing neighbourhood.

If you’re still not convinced why you should get a home in Centretown Ottawa, please feel free to reach out to me with any real estate related questions by email at or by phone (613) 818-2409


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