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Virtual Tours & A Global Market

Amidst a pandemic, real estate is deemed to be an “essential service.”

Although the real estate market posed to be challenging, buyers are indeed still buying, and unfortunately, many sellers are forced to sell. Businesses are closing their doors and tenants aren’t able to afford rent. Many local Buyers are scared to attend home viewings, and many are not qualified to purchase anymore due to job losses.

As a Landlord or homeowner, how do you navigate these situations and sell your property? The answer is simple.

Homes are being sold virtually. If you or your Realtor are not offering FaceTime viewings, Zoom calls, virtual home tours, online offers, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. To differentiate your home from those on the market and to sell for the highest amount possible, we need to push a strong marketing campaign, high social media presence and a strong real estate team who’ll be adapting to the market.

Now more than ever, it is essential to work with the right real estate team who’ll provide international marketing. You cannot rely on your local market; it just isn’t enough during trying times.

My message to those selling their properties during these tough times is straightforward: partner yourself with a realtor who is willing to do the unconventional, especially in times when the traditional methods do not work anymore.

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