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4 Interior Home Decor Trends You’ll See In 2018

What can I say? If there’s any reason to jump on new home décor fads and blow money at Homesense I’M IN. But seriously though, now that it’s 2018, you’ll start seeing a lot of new trends and a lot of old trends making a come back.

  1. Welcome back, wallpaper. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. No, I’m not talking about your grandma’s 1970’s floral wallpaper and fruit accent trim (not that I’m hating on your grandma or anything, I’m sure she had great taste, in her day). As you might have seen around town, trendy wallpaper is back. Mainly used in washrooms or to create accent walls. Pineapple wallpaper is my personal fav.
  2. Boho chic textures are in. Rustic meets modern. In 2018, look forward to seeing more crafty DIY projects in your friend’s homes, more wood finishes and exotic prints.
  3. Tropical/fruit prints make a statement in home décor. Okay, I know I already talked about pineapples BUT how excited are you that it can now be used as a statement piece?! Start seeing lots of tropical wall art, wallpaper and coffee-table pieces, IT’S HERE. Especially with accents of brass or gold.
  4. Industrial light fixtures make their way into homes. I know industrial light fixtures have already made an appearance in your local hipster restaurant/bar, but get ready to start seeing more of them inside of homes this year. A simple hack can be to change the bulbs in your current fixtures. Have you gotten onto this trend yet?

Ahh 2018.. looking forward to seeing what décor trends are in store.