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Get Your Home Ready for Spring in 3 Steps!

Follow these three tips to get your home spring-ready for a headache-free season.


1. Check your gutters and downspouts

There’s a good chance your gutters and downspouts need some love and care after the ice and snow buildup of our ever-so-lovey Canadian winters. Have a quick walk-around the exterior to check if anything has come loose or detached form the home. If you can, pull our your ladder to make sure water is flowing and not clogged. While you’re up there, you can take a quick peak at your chimney and shingles in the process to make sure they’re in good condition.

Also make sure your patio and walkways are sloping away from your house so water does not pool near your foundation.


2. Caulk, fix cracks and repair windows

Scrape and replace any old caulking to ensure water, heat and little critters don’t get inside your home. Also make sure to check window sills and wood trim for signs of decay and rot.. This will also help keep your energy bills low!


3. Don’t forget the inside

Spring is the perfect time to replace or clean your furnace filter, check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, check your dryer vent for lint buildup, and have your fireplace cleaned.

Happy Spring Everyone! Contact me if you’d like more tips or a recommendation to industry professionals that can help.